A Day In A Life of A Dictionary.

Pos kali ini akan dihantar dalam bahasa Inggeris sebagai memenuhi latihan penulisan kita. Harap dapat memberi semangat kepada anda untuk menulis entri Inggeris di blog sendiri!

Since I started this rogue experiment, I have been such a dict... ionary. It has consumed me to a point that I no longer see words as they merely are, but as a means of finding approval from societal pressures through the retweets that I receive daily. As my dict... ionary grows, so does expectations. And so my daily routines have slowly evolved to cater to your animalistic needs which hungers for a significantly high level of humor.

The bright light from my mobile screen would be a way to jolt myself out of a dreamy state into the harsh reality that is twitter. With one eye pried open by the searing light, I would stare blankly into my timeline searching for some reassurance of why I indulge in such an activity. Move on to the @mentions column and sometimes there's a posting in the DM column from the shy students, most of which are serious questions that help them improve. Not as much crap as those public mentions that most of these smoked up tweeps are mostly on about, but still very stimulating questions to which I often ask, "don't they have Google?".

I'd post some tweets up, move to the washroom and tweet some more if opportunity and ideas meet, and they often do, when you're minding your own business. Explains most of those early morning tweets. The bird doth sing more in the morning.

Then the day begins and I try to put the phone away as much as I can nowadays. But I think like all tweeps, it has become somewhat of an addiction when the internet is there all the time, on your mobile, whispering its devilish words to try and get you to feed to its information database. So throughout the day, I succumb to its seductive powers and post some random thoughts, most of which is based on a biased observation of the world, people I hate, and the random Beatles music track that loops on my iPod.

Then when the night comes, and I'm not too bothered, or simply just chilling out with mates at those socially vibrant places, I'd occasionally, and sinfully secretly send love your way via @englishmalay.

I'd write more but its dark again outside. And I need to go out and chill. Will keep in touch via twitter. Stay sexy. ;)

Ps. Confession: But after all that bs, its mostly bcos I get to freely hit on hot chicks all day. LOL.


@zatyness said...

haha for some reason i'm tempted to join you in the quest to spread englay love... then i might get msg2 cinta from potential jodoh(s) as well.

i kid.

anyway, nice effort, bro.
linguistic infotainment = win.

keep spreading the bilingual love,

norzu said...

I had a feeling you're a guy :)
This is a great way to help people use proper English, with a touch of humour. Keep up the good work.

mOcO mOco Adib~ said...

out of all.i noticed these 2 words..i mean, 1 word.dict..ionary. which i assumed just a figure or writing.